Success Stories of Hong Kong's Logistics Industry

Reputable Warehousing Makes Hong Kong the Regional Distribution Centre of
International Brands

Stephen Chan, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Power Hub Ltd.
A logistics hub close to the consumer market
Power Hub Ltd. is a third-party logistics services provider, offering multinational and Hong Kong-based enterprises high value-added hub operation and logistics services particularly to high-end products such as watches, operating at international standards. Its managing director Stephen Chan believed that the enormous potential of the consumer market in Hong Kong and the Mainland enhances the position of Hong Kong as Asia's logistics hub. "The Individual Visit Scheme brings about the rapid development of Hong Kong's retail business and increases the demand for high-value goods from the U.S. and Europe by consumers from Hong Kong and the Mainland. This huge demand supports a number of American and European brands in establishing a regional hub operation centre in Hong Kong, managed by a third-party logistics services provider. It helps to shorten the distance between the source of goods and the retail market to quickly respond to the demand of consumers from Hong Kong and the Mainland," said Chan.
Proper records of incoming and outgoing goods
He pointed out that international brands appreciate the comparative advantage of Hong Kong's logistics services providers in stock management. "We are expert in Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) management. We accurately record the incoming and outgoing of the types and quantities of goods regardless of the number of classifications and how detailed the classifications are. We dispatch the goods on time and in full compliance to the clients' instructions. We have a comprehensive system to ensure the security and integrity of the goods, much to the satisfaction of the clients. In addition, we offer value-added services such as the repackaging of goods, addition of laser labels and maintenance services to fulfil the needs of clients. Up-market products such as watches, mobile phones, tablets, electronic appliances and branded fashion all require the inventory management services offered by Hong Kong's logistics services providers."
Chan added that Hong Kong possesses a number of comparative advantages that will make it a regional distribution centre for high-value products. "Hong Kong is a tax-free trading port with an excellent geographical location connecting to the rest of the world through sea, land and air transport. Thanks to their frequent schedules, goods are promptly shipped to every corner of the world. The good reputation of Hong Kong's service providers has also earned the trust of foreign companies."
Hong Kong is the logistics hub of Asia playing the role of a regional operation and a distribution centre. It provides high value-added inventory management services for high-end products.